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For Any Community Member
• Report any suspicious activity or people that may seem to be involved in human trafficking.
• Write a letter to your local mayor/ State Premier asking him/her to involve your city in the fight to end slavery and trafficking.
• Call your local travel agents and inform them of the issue so that they can be aware of and prevent potential predators from taking trips by signing the ECPAT Code of Conduct.
• Write your local MP and encourage him/her to fight for more money to go towards ending slavery and trafficking.
• Help start, promote and support a walk-a-thon in your city to raise money and awareness.
• Post as a website and interest on your Facebook/Twitter profile and share it with your networks.
• Send our Promo Video on YouTube and website links to all your friends, family, and co-workers with a personal note.
• Add the and/or banner and video to your Myspace/Facebook pages.
• Blog/Twitter about us, add website links and inspire your friends to do the same.
• Make your own video about child sex slavery and post it on YouTube.
• Paint a painting about child sex slavery and post it on our website.
• Create an online forum to discuss child trafficking and generate ideas on how to eradicate child sex slavery, than please let us know how we can support you.
• Add and to your favorite website links and add links on your personal and business sites.
• Add and to your email signature.
• Write a poem about child trafficking and send it to us to put on our website.
• Email website link to all your friends, family, co-workers.
• Write a letter to your city mayor asking him/her to involve your city in the fight to end human trafficking.
• Write a letter to your senator asking him/her to support stronger enforcement of the US anti-trafficking law.
• Write your congressman/woman and encourage him/her to fight for more resources to go towards ending child sex slavery.
• Write your congressman/woman to raise awareness for child sex slavery.
• Start a petition on your college campus to help pressure governments to allocate resources to stop child sex slavery.
• Call or meet with your representatives in Congress and your state legislators to urge them to support various types of abti-trafficking legislation. Collective action is best!
• Propose a law change that would have a direct impact on child trafficking.
• Sign up to receive the newsletter and be ready to sign petitions.
• Like us on Facebook.
• Create a piece of srt telling the story of the trafficked children and offer it for sale on our website. Donate half of the money.
• Add Love Never Fails World Charity as the official charity for your company.
• Donate $1 to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Become a monthly partner to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Donate $50 to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Donate $100 to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Talk to businesses in your area about donating 1.5% of their sales for a day, a month, or
a year to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Give an obscene amount of money to Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Sell your art/product/book through our website and donate 50% of your profit to benefit trafficked children.
• Buy products made by survivors of human trafficking. One purchase will work towards moving more and more survivors to their own self-sufficiency. Check out survivor-made products currently being sold by The Emancipation Network: www,
• Create a team in a sporting event called LNFWC to help raise awareness.
• Sponsor someone participating in a local race or event in the name of Love Never Fails World Charity.
• Host an awareness/Fundraiser party at your home or business.
• Start a student group/chapter at your high school/college that focuses on bringing
awareness to child sex slavery to your peers and local community.
• Talk to your college student government council about hosting a Love Never Fails World Charity event at your university.
• Tell your child’s school about child trafficking and let Love Never Fails World Charity help you distribute prevention information.
• Organize a Love Never Fails World Charity party event in your region.
• Text a friend about Love Never Fails World Charity and
• Organize a local Love Never Fails World Charity taskforce in your city to raise awareness.
• Have your youth group at your local place of worship sponsor an event that will raise awareness to child sex slavery.
• Tell five friends about child trafficking today.
• Host a Love Never Fails World Charity representative as a speaker for your local event.
• Download our Promo Video and hold a community service meeting in your dorm for people to watch so they can learn more about this issue.
• Create a TV segment and get it on local access TV and/or new programs.
• Call your local radio station and talk to them about Love Never Fails World Charity and the issue of child sex slavery.
• Talk to your religious leader about sponsoring an event to raise awareness about child sex slavery.
• Ask a local retailer to put Pure film poster on their window and Love Never Fails World Charity cards near register.
• Get all your friends to write your local paper and encourage them to cover the Pure film story.
• Put our flyers in your office building to inform your co-workers of the child sex slavery problem.
• Print a banner and hang it in your office.
• Think of what your gifts and talents are and come up with your own idea of abolishing child trafficking.
• Start a child sex slavery awareness day on your college campus.
• Host a Pure film fundraiser party.
• Show our promo video at your home to friends and co-workers.
• Buy a LNFWC or Pure T-shirt and gift it to a friend.
• Wear a LNFWC or Pure T-shirt, or design one and send it to us.
• Hand out our flyers to strangers in a public place.
• Use sidewalk chalk to write statistics about child sex slavery in approved areas.
• Check www/ to see if anti-trafficking meet-up already exists in your area. If not, start one.
• Check out regularly.
• View our promo on YouTube and make a comment.
• Think about the children trapped in slavery.
• Never forget.
• Hug your children and tell them you love them.
• Contact us and ask us lots of questions.
• Educate yourself about modern-day slavery and all its different forms.
• Research the child sex slavery issue to be able to inform others.
• Attend an anti-trafficking seminar.
• Allow yourself to truly feel the pain, feel the hope and really love these kids.
• Pray for the children who are currently enslaved.
• Pray for those who abuse the children to have a change of heart.
• Call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1888 3737 888 if you are or know a trafficking victim.
• Investigate publications and websites that could be used by traffickers to advertise trafficking victims.
• Come up with better ideas for this list and email them to us.
• Choose one of these things and do it.